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Amberdrop & Honeyfall

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Amberdrop & Honeyfall Empty Amberdrop & Honeyfall

Post by Swiftpaw on Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:00 pm

Name: Amberdrop
Age: 15 Moons
Gender: Female
Alignment: CreviceClan
Looks: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img560/1364/j7y.png


Rank: Medicine Cat
Strengths: She's highly intelligent, great at being a Medicine Cat, and she's highly kind.
Weaknesses: On the flipside, she can also be dense, has a tendency to trip, fall, etc., and isn't the best fighter at all.
Mate: (This will be applied if you gain a mate)
Kits: (This will be added if your cat comes to parent kits)
Name: Honeyfall
Age: 16 Moons
Gender: Male
Alignment: CreviceClan
Looks: He looks almost exactly like his sister, except he's much more masculine, his tail is fluffier, he's white and his tail is tipped with black.


Rank: Warrior
Strengths: He's an excellent hunter, is very observant, and can use his tail for a multitude of things other cats can't. He's also a sweetheart, just like his sister.
Weaknesses: He isn't too good at swimming, doesn't like to hunt during the day, and has a short attention span.
Mate: (This will be applied if you gain a mate)
Kits: (This will be added if your cat comes to parent kits)

History: Amber and Honey were lucky when they were born. At the time they were born, their family had set up a home in an underground den. They were comfortable and always had food. Then they began to grow and gained the ability to eat solid foods. They began to hunt, starting with Honey catching things for his younger sister Amber, then with Honey teaching Amber to hunt. After a while, when they were grown enough, they left the family den. They fled to Clan boundaries, where they quickly became familiar with their surroundings. Eventually they settled upon the area where the CreviceClan resided. Upon becoming more familiar with the rocky area, Honey and Amber stumbled upon the camp of the CreviceClan. Seeing as they had no home nor a food to feed off of at the moment, they joined without hesitation. Amber began using her natural aptitude for medicines to become the Medicine Cat while Honey became a Warrior to hunt for the Clan.

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Amberdrop & Honeyfall Empty Re: Amberdrop & Honeyfall

Post by Streamsong on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:13 am




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