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Clan Gathering 7/6/2013

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Clan Gathering 7/6/2013

Post by Streamsong on Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:56 pm

(Remember that Gatherings act under liquid time. Your threads are not affected by these, so no need to leave your topics!)

Unlike most of the other Clan gatherings, the gathering this night was a bit disorderly. Because there were so few Clan cats spread across their territories, they were able to arrive at their own time, instead of following their Leader and Deputy.

The first cat to arrive was Redstar, who glanced around hesitantly, still not entirely used to her Leader position. Her blazing eyes swept the clearing, resting on the jutting rock in the center. Seeing no other cat, she padded over to it, lay at its foot. When the other leaders arrived, each would take their place atop the rock to address all of the Clans, but not until they were all there. She flicked her ear, and glazed at the clear, starry sky while waiting for the others to arrive.



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Re: Clan Gathering 7/6/2013

Post by Nightseer on Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:29 pm

Nightseer was second to arrive. As the only truly active medicine cat, he felt it was his duty to arrive early. He entered the gathering and took a seat in the center, prepared to oversee the meeting. "Hello Redstar. The stars told me of your rise to leadership. How are you handling it?"

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