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Sonic Adventure 3 Next RP Registration

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Sonic Adventure 3 Next RP Registration

Post by Swiftpaw on Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:03 am

I'm sure a good bit of us have played the Sonic Adventure games, have access to them, or have at least seen them. Sonic Adventure 2 was a huge part of my childhood, so I decided, why the hell not, make an RP out of it. So here's the basics. As we know, there are 3 types of stages. Well, I'm going to be slightly reinventing this. Of course there are still 3 types of stages. Run, Treasure, and Rampage. There are also 3 teams. Good, Neutral, and Evil. Meaning that there's at least 9 characters that can be in the RP. In basics

Run Stages- A character is given a long path or maze or something along those lines and they have to travel through. There are often many things hidden to be found and secret paths to be taken. Occasionally, upgrades will be required. Run Stages have pretty much the most speed and action of any other type.

Treasure Stages- These stages are treasure hunts, usually hunting for keys or jewels. These stages have much freedom, but at the cost of possibly getting stuck in an area. To get around these stages, most participants will require swimming and gliding ability.

Rampage Stages- In Rampage stages, everything goes to hell. You travel across some given amount of land trying to get to the end while all kinds of crap flies at you. Missiles, G.U.N Ships, Mechas, you name it. You will have to have genius for this stage, as you will most likely need some kind of robotic suit to help you through.

Now for the form.
Stage Type:
Starting Equipment:
Team Leader? (Y or N.):

Swiftpaw ~ Apprentice ~ MarshClan
Slipstrike ~ Warrior ~ MarshClan
Breezestar ~ Leader ~ TalonClan

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Re: Sonic Adventure 3 Next RP Registration

Post by youarereta on Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:44 pm

(No personality or History!? WHAT IS THIS!?)
Name: Sper Nils
Species: Chameleon
Alignment: Neutral
Stage Type: Run
Ability: Can stick to walls or sometimes roofs, fast runner.
Starting Equipment: Sticky pad boots and gloves. small blade attached to his arm.
Team Leader? (Y or N.):


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Re: Sonic Adventure 3 Next RP Registration

Post by Darkmist on Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:58 pm

It was also a big part of mine and you forgot boss stages

Name: "Hawke"
Species: Human
Alignment: Good
Stage Type: Ramage Stage
Ability: Glide from jetpack on mech and can shoot gun blast
Starting Equipment: Robot Mech
Team Leader? (Y or N.): N


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Re: Sonic Adventure 3 Next RP Registration

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