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Post by Streamsong on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:50 pm

Name: Redstar
Age: 16 moons old
Gender: Female
Alignment: CreviceClan
Redstar Redstar_zps61dca962
History: Redeyes was born very feebly to a family of two loners who deemed her too weak to care for. Instead of her two normal brothers, she had a sensitive white pelt and strange red eyes. The sunlight burned her and made her weak, and if it weren't for her mother's pity, she would have died. Her mother decided to feed her the milk she needed until she had a chance to live off of solid food. Once that time came, she was left to fend for herself in the cliffs that now lay abandoned.

She grew up there herself, sheltering from the sun and traveling and hunting in caves. She learned to survive early in her life, but stooped to feed off of the carrion other cats left behind. Once she was grown enough to hunt herself, she grew exceptionally well at doing it. It was at this time Foxstar claimed the cliffs she lived in as CreviceClan territory, and she found herself rather curious.

A moon after Foxstar settled, she was finally found by the wayward leader. Instead of being run out of the territory, he shared stories of Clan life with Redeyes and extended an invitation of being a CreviceClan cat. She accepted, and with his mentoring, was renamed Redeyes and became his deputy. Now, with the Clans growing and his age coming to him, Foxstar decided to retire so Redeyes could take over the Clan. He knew fresh blood and a lively cat would be the best thing for his newly growing Clan. She did not require an Apprentice for the position because there wasn't any Apprentice to appoint.


Rank: Leader
Lives: 9
Strengths: She is very good at balance and precision, and a very good hunter. She learns well and innovates when nessessary.
Weaknesses: She is very sensitive to sunlight, it weakens her easily. She's also not the greatest fighter and hates water.

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Redstar Empty Re: Redstar

Post by Swiftpaw on Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:00 pm


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