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Background Info: the Founding Cats

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Background Info: the Founding Cats

Post by Streamsong on Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:47 pm

The four Clans here are all still very young and new. Each was founded by a certain cat after gaining a message from StarClan spoken by their first and joined Medicine Cat. These five cats paved the way for what is to be four mighty Clans. The first leaders did not accept 8 more lives from StarClan, instead, the lives of their Clan was what they decided to be their rewards.


Starwatcher was a beautiful Kittypet who lived near the current territories. Her pelt glistened like the stars in the sky, and she constantly watched them without blinking through the night, gazing at the secrets and life they held hidden among them. One day, a weary and traveling cat visited her in her dreams, telling of an omen where four cats would be brought together and then come to be divided by her. After that point, Starwatcher set out to make the prophesy come true, fufilling her destiny. She brought Ashstar, Sandstar, Foxstar, and Silverstar together, and with her unfortunate death, broke them apart into their own Clans. She watches over all the Clans as if they were her own, and offers guidance through StarClan to every new Medicine Cat that needs a mentor. She acted as the Medicine Cat for all of the Clans, and will lead a strong legacy in each for the years to come.


Foxstar was a level-headed wandering Loner until he came to meet the other founders. He was the last to join the small group, but certainly not the most insignificant. He came to almost become mates with Ashstar until her sudden change in ideals, and he grew to not trust his love after that. When discussing territory, he favored the craggy cliffs, and would eventually come to found CreviceClan once the Clans were formed.


Ashstar is the only kin of Silverstar, her brother. She was a calm and abnormally beautiful cat before she joined with Starwatcher and her brother as the first founders. Once the group was formed, she suffered from an attack by a fox, and narrowly managed to save her companions while avoiding losing he own life in exchange. She gained scars and lost an ear, and was never quite the same after that. She turned to tooth and claw as a lifestyle, and believed the other cats should have followed suit. When the group disbanded, she founded TalonClan.


Much like Starwatcher, Sandstar was a Kittypet before she joined the founding group. She was never satisfied with her dull life, and when given the chance, joined the others on their quest to create a Clan. She was always a good swimmer and didn't mind water, unlike her other companions. She thought skills with the water would only make them stronger Warriors, and formed MarshClan once they disbanded.


Silverstar is the only kin of Ashstar, and joined the founding group when she did. He had always been kind to every cat he encountered and lended a helping paw to anything in need. When his sister changed, he still kept close to her, knowing she truly didn't want to lose all that was close to her. This came back to haunt him, as the scar on his cheek is a reminder that kindness can sometimes hurt the one that was extending it. He founded GroveClan when the group disbanded.

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