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Post by Streamsong on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:58 pm

Like any forum or website, there need to be a few rules laid out for your sake, and the sake of the members. Though you've probably read many similar ones before, it's in your best interest to brush up on what is and isn't allowed on this site, as well as most others. Also, I may find other rules that may need to be added, so this list can be updated at any time.

General Rules
  • First off, no bullying, harassing, or abuse of any kind. This is an offense taken very seriously, and breaking this rule could result in a permanent banning if the offense is large enough. Keep in mind that there is a difference between some good natured teasing and bullying, and sometimes you may offend someone without realizing so. Just watch what you say to others.
  • Any and all illegal talk and activity is forbidden. If in doubt, don't post about it. Also, if you notice members participating in this sort of thing, be sure to contact a staff member about your concerns.
  • Remember, Warriors and role playing are things enjoyed by all ages. Keep in mind that there may be younger members, so please keep swearing to a minimum, and don't talk about things you wouldn't say to a 10 year old, because you just might.
  • Obey everything in the code of conduct you agreed to at registration. I didn't read it either, so I couldn't tell you what was on it.
  • Be courteous and kind to your fellow members. If you get into an argument, or just plain don't like another member, please keep it to yourself and those involved. Fighting is unevatable, and will happen eventually, just please don't bring other members into it. Also, if something between members, or even yourself and certain other members, is bothering you, please contact a staff member, it can be resolved.
  • There will be no obscene talk, usernames, or any other thing. Please, for my sake at least, don't break this rule.

Member Rules
  • All members must have one and only one account. If there is a very good reason to create another account, you must clear it with an Administrator before you do so.
  • It is forbidden to create another account, or use other means to access the site if you have been banned. It is very unlikely that you have been banned for no reason, and it's best just to wait out the punishmen instead of potentally making I very worse if you are caught.
  • Any obscene or offensive usernames are not allowed, and if you create one, chances are, the account will be deleted without question.
  • Similarly, do not write any obscene or offensive things in your profile or signature. If you see anything that has broken this rule, contact a staff member, and it will be taken care of. Though this won't lead to a ban the first time it happens, if it continues, then the consequences will be harsher every time.

Roleplay Rules
  • Follow all of the site's RP systems. Basically, don't godmod, roleplaying isn't fun for anyone if this happens.
  • Try to use as much good grammar and punctuation as possible. If English isn't your first language, it's understandable if some things are difficult, just try your best.
  • Be courteous to your fellow RPer or Moderator. This is also a heavily enforced rule, because it could fall under bullying and harassment.
  • The most important, and cheesiest, rule is always have fun! I know this large mass of text was boring to read, and a little intimidating, but just remember that sites like these are meant to be enjoyed, so you should ^^


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