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Featherpaw Empty Featherpaw

Post by Goldenstar on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:02 pm

Name: Featherpaw
Age: 7 Moons
Gender: Male
Alignment: MarshClan
Featherpaw Jayfeather-jayfeather-16099756-300-200
It doesn't show in this picture, but Featherpaw's left eye is actually a different color. It's a more darker blue. Also, on the right eye are two long scars.
Featherpaw was a very quiet kit. It didn't help the fact that he was semi-blind. His right eye was clawed by a loner when he had opened his eyes for the first time. His parents were deeply saddened by this, as Featherpaw came into the world with both eyes fully functioning, then was suddenly semi-blind. It was very traumatic for Featherpaw, and so he rarely went out to play like a normal kit. He would spend his days either inside moping, sparring with his father to perfect his fighting, or in a medium-deep pond nearby for swimming. His parents were beginning to get worried, so they brought him to the clan where they hoped he would find a purpose. He did, in fact. Featherpaw, once he was apart of MarshClan, found something to protect. It was now his purpose, and he felt that it was a truly important one. Once he found a purpose, he gradually loosened up and tried to make friends. His parents were deeply happy because of this.


Rank: Apprentice
- Despite Featherpaw's semi-blindness, he can fight well.
- Featherpaw is also very good at swimming.
- Featherpaw is also very persistent, and so won't give up on anything or anyone.
- Unfortunately, because of Featherpaw's semi-blindness, he can't see every single twig in his path. This causes his stalking skills to be under average.
- Featherpaw is clumsy, so he trips over things on the ground often.
- Featherpaw's depth perception is not very good.

- Goldenstar, Leader


- Featherpaw, Apprentice

- Honeysong, Warrior

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Featherpaw Empty Re: Featherpaw

Post by Streamsong on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:26 am




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