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Goldenstar Empty Goldenstar

Post by Goldenstar on Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:28 pm

Name: Goldenstar
Age: 26
Gender: She-Cat
Alignment: GroveClan

Goldenstar Avatar_125702_1369372828
Goldenstar was born in a family of four. As a kit she would always play with her younger sister, Silverpelt. The two always played with each other, and never quarreled. The four were loners, and usually stayed away from twoleg-territory, but at one point Silverpelt and Goldenstar, dubbed Goldenpelt at the time, strayed too far from their parents while playing a game of wrestling. They bumped against the fence separating the forest and a twoleg's nest. Being young 'teenagers', the two were curious about this section of the forest as they had never been here before. The duo climbed over the fence and into the territory, and were nearly tackled by a fearless kittypet who lived in the nest. The trio fought, and Silverpelt and Goldenpelt managed to win the battle. The kittypet explained that its twoleg liked cats very much and would take in any that strayed to its territory. Silverpelt and Goldenpelt both disliked this, and tried to escape. However, Silverpelt miscalculated her jump onto the fence, and the twoleg inside the nest had heard the yowl she had made when she fell. The twoleg came outside and saw Silverpelt, instantly picking her up and taking her inside. Goldenpelt could do nothing, as the kittypet wouldn't allow her to attack its twoleg. That was the last time she ever saw her sister. When her parents found out, they were distraught. They did not leave their den for even food or water. Goldenpelt had to carry it to them. One day when she was out hunting, her parents were attacked and killed by a wandering badger who was looking for a suitable den. Goldenpelt had heard the noise they had made, but was too late to save them. She attempted to fight off the badger, but needed some help as the badger managed to rip a large gash across her flank. While it would not leave a scar, it was still deep enough to weaken Goldenpelt. She was saved by some GroveClan warriors who had fended off the badger. Since Goldenpelt had nowhere to go, she had decided to go with the GroveClan warriors, as they offered to help her heal and even a position in their clan. They had seen her fighting abilities and felt that she was perfect for the clan. After some moons of fighting with them in battles, Goldenpelt had risen to the top as the GroveClan leader.


Rank: Leader
Lives: 9
- Very creative (Can make excellent plans/traps)
- Excels at fighting
- Bonds easily to other cats
- Impatient
- Reckless and bad judgement when angered
- Very gullible

(Note that Silverpelt, Goldenpelt's sister, is still alive and open for anyone who'd like her. Be warned! Silverpelt is very special in Goldenstar's 'plot'. She becomes the main villain for her.)

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Goldenstar Empty Re: Goldenstar

Post by Streamsong on Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:42 pm

Oooo, Silverpelt sounds interesting o3o




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