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Gammy the Loner

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Gammy the Loner Empty Gammy the Loner

Post by youarereta on Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:33 am

I guess its goodbye to Dweller status~ QQ
Name: Gammy

Age: 6 moons

Gender: Male

Alignment: Loner

Looks: Gammy the Loner Anime-Cats-4

History: Being born into the wilderness by parents who had no idea what they were doing, he was left on his own to die when he reached the age of two moons. His bright color pattern made it hard for him to catch his own food. He solved this problem by waiting in trees until a unsuspecting victim walked under it, he would dangerously jump from the tree onto the prey, this is what caused his broken and ill healed leg. Sadly he couldnt stop hunting, it was either that or starve. Whilst up in the trees he would often see clan cats doing things below him, most often the Marsh clan. He developed a dream to be a warrior in the marsh clan, and by the age of 6 moons he decided he was brave enough to confront the Marsh clan, unashamed of his limp he went looking for them.




Strengths: A very ambitious young kit. He tries to make up for his downfalls with quick wits, good instincts and fast reactions. His lack of social interactions with other cats can lead to some interesting conversations or lack of etiquette. He will usually act older or younger then he actually is.
Weaknesses: His bright colors make it incredibly hard for him to blend in with most surroundings. He has a hurt back right leg, leading to him limping. A combination of these two causes stalking and hunting to be hard for him. 

Mate: (heheheh, Fenn I'm here to stalk you with an adorable kitten)



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Gammy the Loner Empty Re: Gammy the Loner

Post by Streamsong on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:11 am

Ooo, this'll be fun. Approved~



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