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Post by Streamsong on Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:23 pm

As of now, there are only two staff positions currently in use. They're Administrators and Moderators, and each hold an important position to keep this place running.

The people that nobody likes. They crush dreams for a living and fill members' hearts with false hope before making it all come crashing down. If they're around, they are treated with respect, but the moment they leave, the gossip begins. No one likes them, and who could blame them? Us Admins are total weirdos.

In all seriousness, Administrators are very important. They're a figure of ultimate authority that fulfills all that needs to get done. They handle themes, user modification, improving conditions, and hiring other staff. They direct and train the staff and exist to make this site run as well as it can.

Moderators usually handle approving and editing of characters. They also work as Chat Box Moderators to make sure that discussions remain appropriate and even clean up the forums occasionally. They also pop into threads every now and then and can make some sort of action happen (such as a badger attacking, or anything to make the thread more exciting, though it can be requested to not do so if you choose). While Administrators usually handle the lives received by leaders in StarClan, Moderators have the power to as well if an Admin cannot.

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