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Post by Streamsong on Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:42 am

These systems are vital to the function and running of this site. Any that you control should be followed even more so than the Warrior Code. You should familiarise yourself with all of these, because they're all important and will be used throughout your RP here.

Time and Gatherings
Time is liquid in this forum, meaning that your cat can be in up to three threads at any given time. Anything done in one thread, however, can't be transferred to another until a new topic is created. Death sorta creates a paradox in this situation, but meh, we'll figure it out.

Aging is done upon the user's request. Because of the liquid-type time of this forum, it's impossible to gauge how long your cat has aged within a specific time. So, the rank they start as will be their rank until requested otherwise. Of course, be reasonable. If you create a kit, they won't become a warrior with just a few posts in a topic.

As for gatherings, the Fullmoon Gathering will be held every Saturday of server time, and attending it is allowed for any Clan cat older than their kit years. The Half-Moon Gathering of Medicine Cats is held every Wednesday of server time. Note that these gatherings do not affect any current thread limits, so you may join the gathering if your character is already in three threads.

Battles and Recovery

Battles are directed by all of the members involved. Any attack is open-ended, you cannot state that you hurt the other cat, just that you attempted to, and it's up to you to determine if an attack directed toward you hits and what amount of damage it does. It's also up to you to determine when you've been beat. Remember, death is a possibility in any battle, and if you deem it time for your cat to join StarClan, you can make your cat die. You must make everything reasonable, you have to suffer wounds if you go into a fight, we can't all be Lionblaze.

Similarly, if your wounds are bad enough, you should visit your Clan's Medicine Cat to get your wounds treated. You determine when your cat is healthy enough to have recovered and continue their duties, but keep things realistic.


Just as in the book universe, the Clan leader holds the most power and makes the decisions for the Clan. Once a cat is promoted to leader, they pick the cat that becomes Deputy, so long as it isn't one of their other cats or they haven't mentored an Apprentice or will be mentoring an Apprentice soon, and they travel to the Moonhollow to gain their 9 lives. They command their Clan in battle, call meetings, and promote ranks of the Clan cats when its time to do so. Once they finally join StarClan, their Deputy will become the next leader. If a Clan Leader falls inactive for too long, the Deputy may take charge of their duties until the Leader either returns or substantial time has passed since the Leader's absence.

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