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Post by Swiftpaw on Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:56 am

Name: Breezestar(formally Hellbreeze)
Age: 17 Moons
Gender: Female
Alignment: TalonClan
History: Breeze's parents were two Loners who made it obvious that her familial line was of warriors. Only a short time after she was born, she was thrown into fighting. She excelled, hunting and killing her own prey by the age of 4 Moons. One day, while she was out hunting, she came back to their living spot to see her parents dead. Whoever had done it was gone by that time, and Breeze swore she would have her revenge. She took off from the Camp, finding too many bad memories to be associated with it, toward the Clan territories. She, at first just wandered around the territories and stole food, eventually she joined the TalonClan. However, not before a MarshClan member attacked her, leaving her with a scar over her eye and nocks in her ears. As a member of the TalonClan, she prospered. Eventually, she became the leader of the Clan, the other Leader retiring so Breeze could take her place.


Rank: Clan Leader
Lives: 9
Strengths: Breeze is great at persuasion and hunting. She's also a good climber. She also has a sort of 6th sense, thanks to her long whiskers.
Weaknesses: Breeze hates being still, tends to talk while stalking, and can be easily distracted.

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Re: Breezestar

Post by Streamsong on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:26 am

Approved, since they're a Clan leader, I'm going to add a bit to their profile once they receive their lives ^^

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