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Territories and Areas

  • Territories and Areas

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  • MarshClan Territory

    MarshClan Territory is very moist land with many streams scattered across it. There is a wide variety of plants that grow here among the reeds and cat-tails, and frogs are an abundant staple food. The cats here don't mind getting their paws wet, especially in Greenleaf, when the streams expand and flood. Their camp is in the fork of two large streams almost in the middle of the territory. It shares a border with TalonClan and GroveClan on either side respectively.
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    MarshClan Inform...
    Sun May 18, 2014 6:56 pm
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  • TalonClan Territory

    TalonClan territory is full of undergrowth and shrubbery with a few scattered trees around. On the fringe, there's fresh water from MarshClan's land, and on the other side, the ground greatly rises on its way to the almost mountainous CreviceClan territory. Mice and shrews are common prey along with the occasional rabbit. Their camp lies in a sunken ground near the rear of their territory and far from any other Clan's border. Though out in the open, it's hard to spot due to its sudden drop.
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    Reporting for Du...
    Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:18 pm
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  • CreviceClan Territory

    CreviceClan territory is probably the most hazardous of the four. It's full of rocky cliffs on a steep almost mountainous foothill, and one wrong step could be your last. There are scattered flatgrounds for hunting mice and snakes, while a decent amount of quail can be found too. On either side of their rocky hill rests TalonClan and GroveClan. Their camp is nestled in a system of caves running into the hill, protected from even the most well planned attack.
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    The Start of a C...
    Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:41 am
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  • GroveClan Territory

    GroveClan Territory is in a dense forest. It mainly consists of maple and yew trees, which the cats of the Clan use to travel on more than the ground. Their main prey are birds and squirrels, and they too can occasionally find a rabbit or two. Their camp can be found near the center of their territory in a small treehollow. It's sheltered from almost all kinds of weather, and any enemy attack.
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  • Clanstone Point

    This is a small grassy clearing of neutral terriotry located where all of the Clan's borders meet. The gatherings every full moon are held here under the unobscured stars. In the Center of the clearing lies a giant stone protruding from the ground. It is here each leader sits to address the Clans as well as what has given the area its name.
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    Clan Gathering 7...
    Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:29 pm
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  • The Moonhollow

    This small cave is full of reflective minerals scattered about its walls. During the nights, the moonlight reflects off of all of these minerals, casting beautiful light all around the cave. In its center, there's a divot where cats can curl up and sleep to share dreams with StarClan. The Medicine Cats gather here every half moon to do just that. When a new leader comes to power, they travel here to receive their lives.
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    A New Leader is ...
    Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:03 pm
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  • Twolegplace

    A small Twoleg settlement of cabins and houses just outside of GroveClan's and CreviceClan's territories. It's a common ground for Kittypets and the occasional Loner and Rogue. Cats who live here usually are fed by Twolegs or live off of Twoleg garbage.
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  • The Outskirts

    This is the area of land generally on behind each Clan's territory, that is to say, the land surrounding the Clans. Depending on where it is, it matches the territory and prey of the nearest Clan. It's land for the Loners and Rogues to live and hunt in the wild, without association with a Clan.
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